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Older people are staying in their homes for longer

Older people are continuing to live independently at home for much longer, and it’s the number of people living on their own in later old age that is increasing the most. Half of women between the ages of 80 and 89 live on their own, while that’s true for one in four men. According to the Flanders policy plan for the elderly, compared with 2007 the number of people over 80 living alone is expected to rise by 49% by 2021, and of all the people who live on their own six out of ten will be at least 55, with as many as 17% aged 80 or over.  


Older people stay longer at home


Elderly people are feeling fit and well

About three quarters of older people who live independently feel fit and well, with no limitations in their daily lives. People over 75 who do have difficulty cite doing the housework, shopping, having a bath or a shower, and stairs as things they find difficult. Carers and voluntary  carers can deal with household tasks or do the shopping if need be, but sometimes adaptations are necessary for older people with difficulties to stay in their homes.  Things like removing a step or two, fitting handrails in the bathroom and lavatory – or fitting a stairlift.  


Getting Help from Family carers and Home-carers

Many older people manage to keep living at home with the help of voluntary carers such as friends and neighbours, or family, but Home-carers might be needed too. Information and advice available from the government of Flanders can play a role in helping people stay in their homes longer  

Read more about what the Government can do in this article about how to keep living independently at home.


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