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Reduce the risk of a fall: 5 Tips

Accidents lurk in hidden corners. Did you know that 1 in 3 older people who live at home have a fall once a year? (Source) Many accidents are easy to prevent. Stannah has 5 tips to reduce the chance of a fall!


Prevention of falls at home

 1. Exercise

By doing enough exercise your muscles get stronger and you’ll be less likely to fall. Gardening, going shopping, taking the dog out – they all count.


2. Get your eyes tested

For many people, as they get older the eyesight takes a dive! So make an annual visit to an optician for an eye test. Perhaps you need glasses? They’ll certainly help reduce the chance of having a fall.


3. Make safety a habit

It’s true that many of our habits mean we run the risk of falling. Think of coming downstairs quickly to answer the doorbell. Or standing on a chair to get something from that top cupboard in the kitchen – or just not tying your shoelaces properly! Train yourself in safe habits.


4. Modifications to your home.

Go through your home and take a good look at it. It’s often the case that you can reduce the risk of falling with just a few small modifications. Get rid of loose electrical leads and cables; put an anti-slip mat in the shower – and the bath! – and make sure you’ve got good lighting. Are there changes of level in your house? You might be able to have them removed. And if the stairs get more difficult, you can have a Stannah stairlift fitted.


5. Medication

Many types of medication have side-effects. Drowsiness, dizziness; reduced sharpness of vision or slower reflexes – side-effects like that can all mean you’re more likely to fall. Do you take medication? Always read the leaflet carefully to see what the side-effects might be, then you’ll be able to take them properly into account.

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