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Here’s how to keep the bathroom safe for older people

Make your bathroom safe for seniors
For most of us, having a shower is the most normal thing in the world. It’s just part of our daily routine, something we do almost without thinking about it. But all the same, a slip happens quicker than you’d think. Luckily for you–and me– we’re both fit enough to grab hold of the shower curtain; or we can break our fall by sticking an arm out. But for older people a fall in the bathroom can have very serious consequences.

With all those slippery tiles and sharp edges it’s safe to say the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house. So make sure you give plenty of thought to the possible dangers so that there’s less risk that Mum or Dad will have a fall–which might be serious. Fortunately there are aids to make things safer and prevent falls. With these tips from Seniorennet you can prevent a whole lot of grief.

How wall-mounted grips give support and help with balance

Good balance is an essential part of preventing falls. Wall-mounted handles provide somewhere to hold onto in the lavatory and the bathroom, and they mean older members of your family have always got something to keep hold of. So it’s important that

  • Grips are mounted at the correct height
  • Grips should be fixed to a strong wall
  • You make sure you select the right type of grip

Not sure you can manage the job yourself? Get wall-mounted grips fitted by a professional. Incidentally, grips are available with a sucker-mounting for people who need a bit of extra support in the bathroom just temporarily; but take note–they’re not a permanent solution. Companies such as hulpmiddelenwereld offer a number of options for older people, from the purely functional to models that will also make the bathroom look nicer.

Why a seat in the bath or shower is a safe solution

For older people, getting out of the bath is one of the most dangerous moments in the bathroom. From the time they stand up–one foot still in the bath one foot over the side…that creates a lot of slipperiness and all too often leads to a fall. And a bathroom seat can be the solution.

Bathroom seats are extra-long and have extra-wide back supports. The seat is positioned with two of its legs actually in the bath and two next to it. So Mum or Dad can easily get out of the bath, up onto the seat, and then slide across and out of the bath. There are even versions available where you don’t even have to move your own weight across–very handy for people with reduced strength in the legs.

Would your loved one rather have a shower? Well, get them a shower seat! Not only would that reduce the risk of a fall, but it saves Mum or Dad a lot of effort. You can combine a bath or shower seat with wall-mounted handles for extra grip while getting on and off

Why older people feel safer in a walk-in bath

A walk-in bath is the most effective solution for a safe bathroom. They’re completely made to measure to replace the existing bath or shower cubicle. They’re installed by a plumber and can be equipped with safety-features like hand-grips, thermostatically controlled taps, and a special shower-head. You can also have a heated seat and anti-slip areas.

What else you can do

Recent research from the Netherlands has shown that every year 80,000 over-65s end up in A&E after a fall, and 40,000 of them need to be admitted to hospital. One in five older people who fall suffer serious injury. Fortunately, with the right safety aids it’s possible to prevent a vast amount of suffering. Are either of your parents getting less mobile? And would you like them to have more safety in their house? Then you should think about a stairlift from Stannah. Installing a stair lift is a bit like wall-mounted hand-grips; no major alterations to the house are needed and it’s often all done within an hour or two. Visit our website for more information at: www.stannahtrapliften.nl.