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Staying safely in your own home

Do you love being in your own home? Then you’ll probably want nothing more than to stay in the comfort of your own surroundings. But the older you get, the more “obstacles” and “pitfalls” appear. Perhaps you’re getting a bit frailer, so that household tasks are getting harder, the stairs are getting more difficult… And the chance of having a fall is greater. But with this handy checklist from Stannah you can ensure that you can keep living at home in safety.

Research shows that older people living in their own homes run a higher risk of both fire and falling in their homes. With the checklist below you can reduce your chances of having an accident.


  •   If possible, remove thresholds and changes of level.
  • Remove loose floor coverings. If you don’t want to do that, then put an anti-slip mat under all your rugs.
  •   Make sure all seating is high, so that it’s easier to stand up. This applies to your bed, too. Raisers are available from Care shops to put under your bed.
  •   Take your mobile phone with you when you go upstairs and make sure that if you have a landline there’s a phone on every floor.
  •   Make sure you’ve got a good strong step-ladder! NEVER climb on a chair to get something out of the kitchen cupboard!
  •   Ensure there are no loose electricity cables or leads in the house.
  •   Don’t put things on the stairs. It’s very easy to fall over them
  •   Stairs getting more difficult? Have a stairlift fitted.
  •   Make sure you’ve got good lighting.

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  •   Put a smoke-detector on every floor of your house. Check every month that all the smoke-detectors work. See that none of the batteries is flat!
  •   Have you a gas boiler, a gas fire, or even an open fire? Then make sure you’ve got a carbon monoxide detector.
  •   Make sure your keys are always in the same place so that you can open the door quickly if it’s locked.
  •   Have your central heating boiler, immersion heater and gas fires inspected and cleaned annually. It’s important to keep them in good condition to reduce the risk of fire.
  •   Are you a smoker? If so NEVER smoke in bed! If you fall asleep, your cigarette – or cigar! – can set the mattress on fire. Life-threatening stuff!

  Properly turn off the TV and any other electrical apparatus.

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