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Meet Omega

The Omega platform lift, a compact design for both indoors and outdoors, is synonymous with quality and mobility.

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Are you looking for a compact and user-friendly platform lift? The modern and elegant Omega Platform lift fits in perfectly with its surroundings.

Key features & benefits

  • Made for every kind of stairs – It doesn’t matter if it’s a straight staircase, stairs that turn or even one that covers multiple floors. The OMEGA platform lift can be installed on any staircase due to its compact dimensions.
  • Extra comfort – We can add a folding seat to the platform lift so that non-wheelchair users can also comfortably use the platform lift.
  • Fully automatic – The platform lift features are fully automated and the ergonomic controls allow for easy and comfortable use.
  • Safety – Provided with all necessary safety features as well as safety sensors that will ensure the platform lift will stop if there´s any obstacle on the stairs.
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Upholstery color

Suitable for / Dimensions

  • SStraight stairs
  • CCurved stairs

Width of platform lift folded, with wall mount: 275 mm
Width of platform lift folded, with step mount: 275 mm

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Key benefits

Fully automatic

The platform lift features are fully automatic and ergonomic controls allow easy and comfortable use.

Inside and Outside

The robustness of the platform lifts enables them to be installed in every environment, both cold and humid, as well as dry atmospheres. Temperatures: from 45 ° C to -25 ° C


Access bridge and safety arms upwards during use, sensitive safety sensors that allow the platform lift to stop when it encounters an obstacle on the stairs, emergency stop button, audio-visual signal

Platform lift colour

The existing colour RAL for the entire range or in stainless steel, the platform lift fulfills the highest architectural standards


The 50 mm diameter tubular rail allows installation in staircases with narrow curves

Wall controls

The wall controls are wireless and attached above and below the stairs, allowing the platform lift to be called upwards and downwards in a folded position.

Minimum space ocupation

When folded, the Omega platform lift allows for plenty of unoccupied space for other stair users.

Control of the Platform lift

Remote control with spiral cable, facilitates the use of the platform lift for persons in a wheelchair or using the folded seat.

Dimensions of the platform lift Omega

Possibility of adjusting the platform lift dimensions Width (min. Max.): 600 mm - 900 mm Length (min.max.): 700 mm - 1300 mm

Joystick on the platform lift

Press the joystick up or down to operate the platform lift.

Omega Detailed Specification


Minimum required parking space based on the size of the platform

Platform of 700 x 750 with standard parking : 955 mm / In function of the slope 1015 mm
Platform van 700 x 750 with standard parking : 1031 mm / In function of the slope 1091 mm
Platform van 800 x 900 with standard parking : 1080 mm / In function of the slope 1140 mm
Platform van 800 x 1000 with standard parking : 1110 mm / In function of the slope 1170 mm

Minimaal verreiste parkeerruimte op basis van de grootte van de platform

Platform of 700 x 750 mm with standard parking 1110 mm - 1290 mm in function of the slope
Platform of 750 x 850 mm with standard parking : 1210 mm - 1390 mm in function of the slope
Platform of 800 x 900 mm with standard parking : 1260 mm -1440 mm in function of the slope
platform of 800 x 1000 mm with standard parking : 1360 mm - 1540 mm in function of the slope

Stair´s slope
from 0° - tot 67° maximum

Maximum capacity
225 kg / 300 kg optional

Electrical power supply

- Power supply
230 volts
UPS emergency batteries

- Noise level
Less than 60dB

- Maximum speed
0,06 - 0,1 m/s

Safety measures

- Constant pressure control: If there is no pressure on the control knobs, the platform lift will automatically stop.

- Safety Sensors: If the access bridge or the surface underneath the platform is obstructed by an object it encounters, or by means of the user's control, the platform lift will automatically stop. The restart will remain blocked as long as the obstacle or pressure is not removed.

- Using the key: The platform lift will not work unless the key is not inserted into the external keyhole to activate it. This avoids unwanted use.

- Safety arms: If one of the safety arms is opened during the course of the journey, the platform lift will immediately stop.

- An anti-slip floor: The platform lift floor is made with anti-slip material to prevent unwanted movements of the wheelchair

- A STOP button to stop the platform lift immediately.

- An ALARM button to ask for assistance.

- A flashing light when the platform lift moves.

- Before the platform lift operates, the safety arms automatically shut down, to ensure total user protection.

- The Platformlift Omega has a weight sensor that is activated when the maximum weight is exceeded.

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